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Top Five Takeaways From the Remodeling Big50

For those who don’t know, the Remodeling Big50 is an accolade given to remodeling firms that set an extremely high bar. The Big50 is an excellence award handed out by Remodeling Magazine and is probably one of the most valuable in the industry. The award focuses on best practices, professionalism and superb quality of work. It also takes a look at back-end business practices, things that you may not think of such as smart marketing decisions, status in the community and unique design. Big50 nominees are examples of excellence and leadership to other companies. For more information on the original posting by Remodeling Magazine, click here

Be a Good Neighbor

Remodeling is quite intrusive, especially when you are working in needed space. Often times, the homeowner is living there while your crew is working. It’s just as intrusive for the neighbors, too. You’ve got crews coming early and leaving late. There are big trucks parked in front of neighbor houses, porta potty in the driveway and large dumpsters in the street. While some think of this as a liability, and simply ignore and hope for the best, a Big50 strategy is to use this to your advantage. Let the neighbors know that a large remodeling job is in progress and to reach out if any questions or concerns come up. Have them reach out to you directly, keeping the homeowner sheltered from complaints. Not only is this a great way to keep neighbors at bay, but it also passes on your name as professional and conscientious, a couple of great characteristics for referrals.

Giving Back

Top remodelers feel that it is essential to give back. Charity work as well as sponsoring local groups is a great way to share your skills and your name with the community. Events like this can be beneficial in many ways. This is a great way to team build, market and share skills for a good cause. Charity events and local build groups often times make the news, only helping your cause. You’ll be the name someone thinks about when their remodeling projects arise.

Keeping Employees Happy

As we’ve written in many blog posts, labor shortages are straining contractors left and right. Keeping good employees should always be one of your top priorities. Good workers need to be happy, and to be happy, good workers need to be happy. Be sure everyone is getting paid a fair wage and above average if you want to make sure they stay, or worse, get poached. Offer benefits such as PTO and 401k match. Focus on the simple stuff too, like monthly awards or bonuses for hard work. Maybe even a free lunch here and there.

The Personal Touch

Big50 remodelers go out of their way to ensure that the homeowner is both comfortable and satisfied during the remodeling process. This essentially means “treat customers like family”. Be sure you are actually listening to their requests, and interacting with them in a genuine way. Your team is in a sacred space, the home, and it should be treated that way. The homeowner wants to trust you, and you want to provide a quality experience. Say hello if you see the homeowner outside of the job or out in the community. A Big50 winner even gifted a custom dog bowl for a customer, showing the appreciation for their business.


Yes, it can be overwhelming and yes, you are probably tired of hearing about it. It’s the future, though, and Big50 members embrace all kinds of tech tools. You should be on top of these kinds of things as they are a great way to simplify various processes. Technology has helped the remodeling industry in many ways, improving everything from scheduling to project management to estimating. There are many tools out there that you should try in your free time. You never know, they could end up proving useful!

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