A Millennial’s Guide to Social Media Terms

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A Millennial’s Guide to Social Media Terms

Social media is a huge part of our personal and professional lives these days. Our kids use it to communicate with their friends, and we use it to promote our business. It’s a quick, efficient, and most importantly, effective way to communicate words and pictures. The best part about social media might be that it is free. With a good bit of work, you can really build an audience totally for free giving you an additional avenue to promote your business. With this new technology comes new words and phrases, though. This is the part that might make you feel out of touch, or uncomfortable. Rest assured though, my friends. Below are 20 of the top social media words or phrases that you should know. After reviewing these, you’ll practically be able to #repost this content and #share with some of your colleagues.

Follower – Someone who subscribes to you, and “follows you” on a platform, meaning they will see whatever you post

GIF – A series of pictures strawn together to create a moving image (usually a few second loop)

Check-in – when you make it known publicly where you are. An example might be “checking in at XYZ, my favorite lumber supplier”

Go Live – This is when you film yourself, or your actions live. Anyone who is on that respective platform can watch you live

Hashtag – #hashtag – The symbol in front of the word basically turns it into a searchable term. When you #hashtag something, you are making it searchable to other users. This is done when you want others searching similar content to see your post

Like – An action to show someone you support their post or enjoy the content. Each post usually has the option to “like”

Meme – Typically an image with text on the top and bottom. The text is a punchline for the image. Usually funny. 

Follow – Someone that wants to see all of the content you post is called a Follower. You can always follow/unfollow accounts. 

Traffic – The number of people that visit your page

Filter – Enhancements, usually added to pictures that make them look more appealing

Troll – Someone who uses the internet to make fun or cause trouble. Usually, trolls will do whatever they can to flaw something you have written/posted 

Tag – When someone adds your name to a post or a comment. This is for the purpose of letting you or others know about the content in the post

Viral – Content that has become wildly popular in a short amount of time. Usually, this is a post or a video post

Platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all platforms. 

Bio – A section in your personal profile that outlines who you are and what you do

Thread – A series of posts on a certain topic, typically all related

Forum – A specific place you go to post content. Usually, a forum consists of many threads

Conversion Rate – The number of people you get to perform a certain action. An example would be the number of people that see an advertisement vs the number that clicked on the advertisement 

DM – Direct Message. This is how you communicate privately with someone via platforms. 

Handle – This is your online username for your various platforms

There you have it, a general overview of some of the most popular terms used in #SocialMedia. We hope this adds a few tools to the arsenal, and ultimately help you to better manage and increase your social presence.

Don’t you feel young again?

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