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5 Surefire Ways to Attract More Referrals

Presentation by Kyle Hunt, CEO of Remodel Your Marketing

Thanks to everyone that joined us today. It was a fantastic presentation by Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing.

Kyle has been in business since 2008 helping remodelers with marketing, sales and financial best practices. He works exclusively with remodelers all across the country. Kyle has a national Facebook group, a podcast and website all tailored to remodeling. It’s awesome that someone specific to our industry is willing to speak on these topics, completely FREE! Below is a quick recap of what we covered today!

Initial thoughts:

What are you going to implement that you learn today? If there’s one thing you should take away from this webinar, what are you going to implement in YOUR business?

Take a look at last year’s projects. Where did the leads come from?

  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Strategic Partner
  • Family

Two lead scenarios: which would you prefer?

  1. “Hi Kyle, my name is [     ] and I was referred to you by one of your happy clients
  2. “I found you online when searching ‘kitchen remodeling’ can you come out and look at our project?”

Most of our attendees chose number one. But why? The lead is already somewhat qualified. They understand the work that you do, and have the trust of a friend (the referrer).

Why are referrals so powerful?

  • Getting someone who has a need to know like and trusts you
  • People like to give them
  • Great ROI
  • Better qualified lead and shorter sales cycle

5 ways to attract more referrals

Be Remarkable
  • Provide the best possible experience, deliver something that no other GC offers
  • The goal is to not have satisfied clients, but ecstatic clients!
  • Are we delivering the project on time? Are we caring for the space?
Educate Referral Sources

The perfect introduction:

  • How would you spot our ideal client
  • How to best communicate what we do
  • Our referral offer
  • Our referral process

Below is an example introduction template. Feel free to contact Kyle for a copy.

Reward Those Who Refer You
  • When someone refers you, what do you do?
  • When someone refers you…and they become a paying project, what do you do?
      • You potentially just secured a large contract. What can you do to say ‘thank you’ to the source of the referral?
        • Donate to a local charity
        • Gift card to a local restaurant
        • 2 hours of handyman work from one of our carpenters
        • Key here: Do something for them!
    • What’s your process? Do you thank the person that refers you?
    • People are more apt to refer in the future if they are incentivized!
Develop strategic partners
  • What is a strategic partner
    • What is it? Anyone that shares the same ideal client as you
    • “The more people you talk with, network with, develop a relationship with, the more opportunities and insights you will have. Opening one door leads to dozens of other doors…Opening dozens of doors leads to hundreds of others.” – Jay Abraham
    • Who are they?
      • Your suppliers
      • Other professional service providers
      • Trade partners
    • Meet with them!
      • Make a list of who they are
      • BLB (breakfast, lunch, beer) – set up a meeting!
      • Refer others (the more you help someone, the more they are willing to help you
The Little Things
  • A combination of the little things keep you remarkable
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Try to make referrals an expectation
    • “Our goal is that you are going to be so thrilled, that at someone in the future you are going to refer us to your family and friends”
    • Be careful with this one, though, as it can come off harsh. We’re not forcing anyone to write referrals.
  • Ask for referrals:
    • During the sales process
    • On your invoices and surveys
    • On your website, email signature and social media
    • Email /print newsletter

More information about Kyle, he’s got a few things going on.

A huge thank you, again, to Kyle for an amazing presentation. Remember that he will be back March 12th talking about the Sales Process. You can learn more here.

A few notes from our audience:

“Some very good ideas. I will be using a lot of them”

“Thanks, great”

Send thank you cards

  • Upon job completion, send quick thank you cards. It’s a little thing but can go a long way. Relatively little effort here, too.

Small gifts upon project completion

  • When a job is finished, furnish the space with some useful gifts
  • Cups for the kitchen, a movie pack for the basement
  • Very practical and something that can be enjoyed in the new space!

Thanks for reading. We’ll see you at the next webinar!

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