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Contractor Talk has pointed out a couple trends that are quite popular in 2017.

Reclamation and Walkability.

As a contractor, it’s important to understand these types of things and market your business accordingly.


Reclamation is the process of using something that already exists. In our industry, there are going to be three reasons to do this. One, the client wants to reduce the impact on landfills. Two, your client wants a vintage look, adding some character. Three, they are on a budget. Keep these three in mind when a client might ask, that way you can tailor your response and develop a plan.

Benefit to you

Reclamation is a great way to create projects with character, while at the same time easing your impact on the environment. If the material already exists, you might as well repurpose it. An eco-friendly initiative can be a great way to brand your business. Building innovative, creative things will be a great resume piece that potential clients will jump all over. Remember, this business is all about setting yourself apart. Find a local yard near you and develop a relationship with them, ensuring you have access to the best reclaimed material.


This isn’t a new concept, it’s just getting more popular. Access is a great feature within a home. When guests come over, you want it to be straight forward on where things are, and how to get to them. As we see more and more folks “age in place”, the remodeling they do is to increase walkability. A home should make sense, and when it does, the layout is welcoming and easy to understand. This also includes features like handrails, handicap access, lighting and gentle inclines.

Benefit to you

This is your chance to break out the creative juices. As the contractor, you’ve dealt with many homes over the years, allowing you to be the expert on the subject. What have you seen work in other homes? Providing your client with a home that works for the long term is a satisfying feeling. Satisfied customers would be happy to refer you to their friends. This is a huge market and not only are millennials doing it, the aging population is too. You can market your ability to get these kinds of jobs done to just about any client looking for a remodel.

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